Cosplay Help


Today, we are going to talk about trigger discipline.

First, what is trigger discipline, and why is it important for cosplay?

Trigger discipline is holding the gun properly, without your finger on the trigger, which helps prevent accidental misfires.

Its connection to cosplay is very simple. If you are cosplaying a character who knows their way around guns (think Winchester brothers, Jade Harley, Solid Snake, etc.), they’ll be holding the gun properly, since they’ve been trained to do so. It adds to the feel of the character. It’s also a good habit to have if you ever pick up a real gun at any point in time. That’s called “committing to muscle memory.”

A lot of the cosplay I’ve seen involving guns have the cosplayers posed with their finger on the trigger. In the real world, this is incredibly dangerous, and you shouldn’t have your finger on the trigger until you’re ready to shoot.

So, what does good trigger discipline look like?

Ta-da! It’s that easy!

Even itty bitty Dean can do it!

It’s such a simple change that can make a huge impact on the appearance of your costume and posing. 

Happy cosplaying!